Paris, London, Tokyo, Ehrenfeld!

The former working-class and industrial district of Ehrenfeld is multi-culti, hip, alternative and vibrant. The Ehrenfeld district is totally hip. Nerds, artists and families with children – young and old – all feel equally at home in this urban trendy district. Once you live here, you won’t want to leave in a hurry. Ehrenfeld has a very lively cultural scene and is becoming more and more popular as a residential district – rising rents and a growing number of stores,

theaters, sports studios, restaurants and trendy pubs bear witness to this. Ehrenfeld has a special charm due to its lively art, culture, street art and creative scene. There is something new to discover on every street corner. Ehrenfelders are fond of detail and appreciate the extraordinary. Ehrenfeld is an extremely diverse place and one of the most popular residential areas in Cologne.